Uniform look: New uniforms in the 1990s



The first jet takes up service with Austrian Airlines: the Caravelle VI-R with 80 seats.


Austrian Airlines takes off for its first long-haul flight – destination: New York!

Flugzeug auf Rollfeld



At Vienna/Schwechat Airport, Austrian Airlines opens Hangar I, where aircraft are built and repaired.




Flugbegleiterin in neuer UniformEmployees get new uniforms in the corporate design. Corporate design means that everything related to a company should look similar in order to present the identity of the company to the outside world. This includes, for example, posters, websites or even the uniforms. These should all be as similar as possible e.g. in terms of the color and design so that it is immediately apparent that they belong to the same company.


Austrian Airlines acquires a “stake” in the airline Tyrolean Airways, i.e. they buy shares in the company.
On March 23, 1998 Austrian Tyrolean Airways takes over 100% of the company, and then Lauda Air some years later.


Austrian Airlines moves with the times: Flights can now also be booked via the Internet.

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