It all started in the 1920s

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The history of civil aviation is dominated by ups and downs: the demands placed on the growing passenger aviation market and World War Two are constantly presenting airlines with new challenges. Go with us on a journey through time and discover the history of Austrian Airlines in this not quite simple but nevertheless exciting era!



The world’s first regular international flight connection is opened on April 1, 1918 via Austria (Vienna-Kiev).
It is initially only being used for the transport of mail. In July 1918, the Vienna-Budapest line is added. But there is still much to develop and improve! The first ÖLAG (Österreichische Luftverkehrs AG) flight takes off on May 14, 1923.
It goes from Vienna to Munich. ÖLAG will soon become the fourth largest airline in Europe.




The Germans under Adolf Hitler annexed Austria to be part of the so-called German Reich and ÖLAG was dissolved.


Passagiere und Flugbeleiterin1950er


Ten years after the end of the Second World War, the State Treaty comes into force. This is a treaty between several countries with the aim of making Austria an independent country again. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to establish two new airlines: “Air Austria” and “Austrian Airways”. Two years later, on September 30, 1957, these are merged to form “Austrian Airlines AG”.


The first Austrian Airlines flights take place and travel from Vienna to London.

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