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Modern aircraft must function perfectly and meet many safety standards. They must therefore be carefully maintained and repaired. At Austrian Airlines, aircraft mechanics and technical workshop staff are responsible for this.

As an aircraft mechanic, you work directly on the aircraft. As an employee of the technical workshop, you repair certain aircraft parts. For both positions, you need to have completed your technical vocational training. Austrian Airlines will of course run its own training program that builds on this so that you can successfully carry out your future duties.

Mechaniker in Turbine Aircraft mechanic or workshop technician?
Our aircraft mechanics are responsible for the perfect functioning and safety of the aircraft. They work in the field of aircraft maintenance and know the structure and functioning of the aircraft exactly, because they work and screw elements directly onto the aircraft. They carry out brief aircraft checks or quick repairs usually in the non-gate position. Maintenance work that takes longer is done in the hangar. These are large halls that our airplanes are put in when they are serviced, similar to a garage for cars. Our employees in the technical workshops maintain and repair aircraft parts that are later reinstalled in the aircraft by the aircraft mechanics during maintenance. Austrian Airlines has five different technical workshops. Depending on your education and your interests, you will be assigned to one of these workshops.

▪ Do you want to paint our aircraft? Then, maybe one day, you’ll work in our paint shop.
▪ Anyone who works in the body shop, for example, is responsible for the seats our pilots sit on.
▪ Always been interested in the big wheels and brakes on aircraft? Austrian Airlines also has its own workshop for this purpose.
▪ If you’re more interested in the repair of electronic devices such as radios or the many different lights of an aircraft, you’ll prefer the radio and electrical workshop.
▪ We also of course need reliable employees who make sure that all our measuring instruments and tools are in order.
These employees also work in their own workshops.

Mechaniker bei der Arbeit Together, all areas contribute to ensuring that our aircraft are always operational and that our customers can fly safely to their destination.

What skills does the profession require?
As you might imagine, all the fields require good manual skills, an understanding of technical contexts and spatial perception. Usually, the learning and working materials are in English, so a good knowledge of English is important.

Above all, however, absolute precision and teamwork are required in all disciplines. After all, the safety of around 10 million passengers a year is at stake! Anyone interested in the profession of aircraft mechanic or workshop technician should exhibit good technical knowledge during the selection process, but should also be able to work as part of a team and be responsible.

How do I become an aircraft mechanic or workshop technician?
Anyone who has completed a relevant technical training course (apprenticeship, technical college, vocational college) and passed the selection procedure will end up in one of the specialist areas where they will be trained by Austrian Airlines. The training consists of a theoretical as well as a practical part and is completed at Austrian Technik at the airport. At the beginning, you will of course always be accompanied by experienced skilled workers, but later, our technicians will work independently or in a team on our aircraft or aircraft parts.

A technically interesting and responsible profession awaits our technicians, and there are always opportunities for advancement!

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