At the gate

Rund ums Gate

Before departure

You can pass the time at the airport before take-off in a number of ways. On the way to the gates there are lots of shops, for example the duty free shops, where you can buy lots of things at a cheaper price and stock up on books and magazines for the flight. Many airports also have comfortable lounges where you can wait until you board your flight. You can find an overview of the different lounges at the airports and information about which boarding passes grant you access to which lounges here.

Duty free

Wartebereich Gate

Of course you can also wait for your flight at the gate and watch the busy goings-on of the airport or play one of the amazing video games for children. You’ll be ready to board in no time. After the call for boarding an Austrian employee will check your boarding pass again to make sure that you and your luggage are really getting on the right flight. Then all you have to do is find your seat and get ready for take-off. We hope you have a pleasant flight with Austrian Airlines!

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