How a language trip works

Junge Leute lachen in Kamera

When is the right time for a language trip and how does it actually work?

The high season for language travel is – no surprises here – through the summer vacation. After all, it’s always best to combine practicality with fun! How long such a trip lasts varies from provider to provider and ranges from one week to two months and more. To really get to grips with the language, however, you should plan at least two weeks.

Junge Leute lernen auf einer Bank First language camps are offered for children from the tender age of six. From about 10 to 12 years of age, you can go abroad if you feel ready. Many German tour operators offer group tours – just take your best friend with you and fly with Austrian to exciting countries!

However, it is particularly recommended to go on a language trip on your own with a group that is as international as possible. This way, you speak English (or the respective foreign language) with the other young people instead of German and automatically immerse yourself even more in the language.

 Junge Leute lächeln Such language trips usually take place at language schools in the target country and you can even prepare yourself there for exams such as a high school leaving certificate or even a course of study.

The process for the trip is usually very similar: you will either stay with a host family, directly at the language school or in a student residence. From Monday to Friday, there are about 15 to 20 hours of classes per week, with the afternoon and weekend usually free. The organizer often offers organized excursions so that you don’t have to worry about anything and still have the opportunity to get to know the most interesting places and sights.

 Junge Frau zeigt ReisepassIn any case, remember before your trip that each country has different entry requirements. Passports, vaccinations or visas must be obtained in good time before the start of your vacation. And don’t forget to book your flight with Austrian early enough!

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