Finnian G., 13 years old
Type of holiday: Sports holiday
Destination: Paris (France)
Population: approx. 2.5 million
Duration: 10 days

Finnian, how did you come up with the idea of going on a skateboarding holiday?
Finnian: I’ve been skating a lot for a long time now. I then heard from my friends that they were going to the camp and I went along. I went there with four friends by coach.

And where did you stay?
Finnian: In tents. It was a real tent camp. We slept in large tents in groups of 5 and we were lucky with the weather. It only rained once. We cooked for ourselves there, or rather the leaders cooked for us. We had baguette every morning, but apart from that the food wasn’t very typically French.

What is a typical day like in a skater camp?
Finnian: Well, after breakfast we either took the bus or train to go skating. We normally skated from 1 pm til 6 pm, but we had regular breaks. There were different groups and you could choose where you wanted to go, either into the city or to one of the three skateparks where we also went. But we normally went street skating! There were about 40 kids there in total so we were split up into smaller groups that then went to the different places with the skate guides.

Did you do anything else apart from go skating?
Finnian: Yes, there were two days when you could choose whether you wanted to go skating or go and visit the city. I went into the city one day and of course we went to the Eiffel Tower. We didn’t go up it though because the queues were too long. So we just looked at it from the ground and then went through the city for a bit and went in a few shops. The French people were all really nice!

Was there anything that could have been done better?
Finnian: I would have preferred to have been in a youth hostel as opposed to in the camp. It was always too hot in the tents in the morning and too cold at night. But apart from that everything was really good!




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