All winners

The 2 tickets for the Vienna concert of Max Herre on 22 March 2020 at the GLOBE have won:

The competition runs until 18 March 2020.

The winners will be contacted by email or phone and then announced here.

The SONIC package consisting of Sonic Light Up Shoe Clip, Sonic LED Hydration Pack and a Gold Ring Frisbee has won:

The competition runs until March 14.

The winners will be contacted by email or phone and then announced here.

The fireman puzzle has won:

The competition runs until March 10.

The winners will be contacted by email or phone and then announced here.

The fan package with a children’s hoodie and 4 cinema vouchers has won:

Hermine B. from A.i.E.

The 2 tickets for the Arena Open Air by Julian le Play on 6.6.2020 has won:

Andrea B. from W.

The concert ticket for Mathea for the Arena Open Air on 4.9. 2020 in Vienna has won:

Emma S. from W.

The goodies for the cinema release of Star Wars: The Ascent of Skywalker has won:

Nicole R. from L.

Cornelia F. from W.

The 4 cinema tickets and a book by DIE HEINZELS – Return of the Brownies has won:

Julia H. from G.

The 2 tickets for the TIMETRAVEL Museum in Vienna has won

Markus W. from W.

The  FROZEN 2 fan package including an adult T-shirt, a children’s T-shirt and a notebook has won:

Corinna M. from St.V.

Emma W. from B.H.


Medina K. aus W.


2 x 2 raffle tickets for premiere in Vienna (20.12. at 18:30) – “SCROOGE – DAS WEIHNACHTSMUSICAL FÜR DIE GANZE FAMILIE”

Jürgen V. aus W.


1 x 4 Tickets – BLUE PLANET II – LIVE IN CONCERT BLUE PLANET II – LIVE IN CONCERT (17.05.2020, Wiener Stadthalle)

Christine B.-W. aus W.


4 tickets for the FERIENMESSE 2020 in Vienna

Oliver W. aus W.


4 Tickets for “Paw Patrol Live”

Sabine K. aus W.


2 x 2 tickets for “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in Concert

Andrea N. aus W.


1 x Austrian Airlines Retro Bag incl. sunglasses and towel

Sabine R. aus P.a.T.


2 Tickets for “Disney in Concert – Dream come true”

Barbara B. aus W.


4 Tickets for “Flashdance – Das Musical”

Evi K. from W.



Maria P. from S.


2 Family Fun Tickets

Stefanie W. from W.


2 Tickets for the 90s Super Show

Fredi L. from W.



Laura D. from A.


4 DO & CO à la carte Gourmet Menu vouchers for your next Austrian Europa flight

Nina M. from M.


Simona Z. from W.

2 cards for James Blunt


4 x 2 Tickets for CAVALLUNA – Legend of the Desert

Innsbruck: Alexandra U. from I.

Vienna: Karin B. from W.

Graz: Roswitha W. from G.

Salzburg: Sarah B.-L. from S.


4 tickets for “Masters of Dirt” in Vienna

Andrea K. from W.


2 tickets for the concert “DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER

Rainer W. from W.


2 x 2 tickets for the concert “Die TOTEN HOSEN

Vienna: Ilse L. from W.

Graz: Konrad S. from G.


CATS surprise fan package including 4 cinema vouchers

Christian K. from H.i.M.


AUSTRIAN AIRCRAFT MODEL B777 plastic plug-in model, scale 1:200

Stefanie. K. from Z.


NOVA ROCK 1x 2 festival passes

Stephan-Maximilian U. from W.



Karin K. from D.


PALAZZO 4 Tickets Thursday, 16.01.2020

Simona Z. from W.


The 4 cinema vouchers from The Addams Family and the fan package including writing set, notebook and tentacle-ballpoint-pen has won:

Edith B. from A.D.

The BAYALA characters Feya and Nuray with Rabe Munyn has won:

Michael H. from R.

The TERMINATOR 2019 – Goodie Bag with Keychain, Pin Badge and Can Cooler has won:

Anna E. from St. W.

The family tickets for BODY WORLDS has won:

Manuela K. from W.

The big fan package incl. 4 cinema vouchers of “Everest” has won:

Roland K. from K.

The fan package of Shaun the sheep, consisting of: Shaun DVD, pencil case and a stuffed animal has won:

Ingrid P. from K.

The tickets for the Mathea concert, on October 23rd in Vienna has won:

Agnes B. from W.

The cinema tickets for Rambo – Last Blood has won:

Markus K. from L.

The family tickets (for 2 adults + 2 children, with 2 program booklets deposited at the reservation desk) for the 5.9. (beginning 16:30 clock) for “Peter Pan” in the Volksoper Vienna has won:

Alexandra F. from W.

The Family vouchers for PLAYMOBIL- The Movie has won:

Tanja G. from S.

Julia H. from G.

The JBL CLIP 3 – portable Bluetooth® speaker in camouflage design has won:

Stephanie Erika A. from W.

Manuela W. from W.

Patrick N. from L.

The goodie package for DUMBO has won:

Peter F. from T.

The Blu-Ray or DVD from CAPTAIN MARVEL has won:

Florian R. from L.

The Family vouchers for Benjamin Blümchen has won:

Ursula E. from K.

The 4 cinema vouchers for the cinema launch of LEBERKÄSJUNKIE  has won:

Kornelia W. from St. R

The 4 cinema vouchers for the cinema launch of PETS 2 on 27 June and a mega fan package has won:

Constantin H. from P.

The 4 tickets for the Vienna Major on the Vienna Danube Island on 04 August 2019 have won:

Herwig K. from W.

Fan goodies for X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX has won:

Nadine W. from H.

2 Tickets for THE LION KING and a fan package including water polo and notebook has won: :

Anna L. from St. G. a.W.

Tickets for BEST OF AUSTRIA meets Classic on 2019, July 03rd in Vienna (Schloss Schönbrunn):

Online (6 Tickets):
Siegfried L. from W.

Family Magazin (4 Tickets):
Julia H. from W.

2 tickets for James Bay in the Arena Open Air Vienna:

Yannick K. from W.

2 Festivaltickets for all 3 days for the Airbeat One Dance Festival:

Claudia E. from N.-W.

2 Festivalpasses for das Nova Rock:

Isabelle P. from W.

2 Tickets for PHIL COLLINS Europatour ‘Still Not Dead Yet Live’ 

Christian S. from W.

Family Ticket (5 Persons) for the SURF WORLDCUP 2019:

Marianne S. from E.

2 Tickets for ABBAMANIA THE SHOW – Gold Tour 2019:

Yannick K. from W.

Je 2 Tickets für AFRIKA! AFRIKA! hat gewonnen:

Graz – Christine P. from G.

Salzburg – Daniel L. from S.

Klagenfurt – Christine R. from V.

Innsbruck  – Gerhard G. from I.

Linz – Christina O. from P.

Wien Neustadt  – Elvira S. from F.-B.

Wien am 19.05.2019 – Katharina B. aus W.

2 Tickets MASTER OF DIRT – TOTAL FREESTYLE 2019 in Graz:

Bernhard K. from W.

2 Tickets for DINOSAURIER – Im Reich der Giganten – go to:

Klaus K. aus Wien

2 cinema tickets for DRACHENZÄHMEN LEICHT GEMACHT 3 – DIE GEHEIME WELT – Incl. Fan package go to:

Katharina W. from B.

2 cinema tickets for MARY POPPINS´RÜCKKEHR!, a Mary-Poppins scarf and a Mary-Poppins watch go to:

Julia H. from G.


Anna L. from St.G.a.W.

Dec 1
Familiy package for the Schönbrunn christmas market:

Alexandra K.

Dec 2
1 book „Ein Lächeln fliegt um die Welt“ about Austrian Airlines:

Aneta H.

Dec 3
1 x 2 Tickets for „STAR WARS in Concert – Das Imperium schlägt zurück“:

Kevin K.

Dec 4

Manuela K.

Dec 5
1 x 2 Tickets for JASON MRAZ:

Oliver W.

Dec 6
1 game “Probieren oder Verlieren” from Hasbo:

Siegfried B.

Dec 7
1 book & 1 audio book about the movie TABALUGA – DER FILM (3D):

Kamelia R.

Dec 8
1 x 2 Tickets for PHILIPP POISEL on Feb 6 2019:

Bettina H.

Dec 9
1 x 2 Tickets for BARS & MELODY on March 30 2019:

Andreea G.

Dec 10
1 Austrian Airlines Retro bag in red color:

Daniela B.

Dec 11
1 x 2 Tickets for MAX GIESINGER on March 12 2019:

Ramona R.

Dec 12
1 x 4 Tickets for CAVALLUNA:

Sieglinde T.

Dec 13
1 x 2 Tickets for BURG CLAM on Aug 9 2019:

Christine R.

Dec 14
1 x 4 Tickets for BREAK THE TANGO on Nov 29 2018 at MQ, Vienna:

Andreas P.

Dec 15
1 x 4 Tickets for REVOLVERHELD on March 25 2019, Vienna:

Elisabeth W.

Dec 16
1 x 1 “Der Grinch”-Fan package:

Andrea H.

Dec 17
1 x 2 Tickets for “Harry Potter in Concert” on Apr 13 2019 in Vienna:

Monika M.

Dec 18
1 DVD “THIS IS US – Season 2”:

Marina K.

Dec 19
2 x 2 Tickets for “Scrooge – Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte”:

Alexandra A.

Dec 20
1 x 2 Tickets for “The Voice of Germany” on Jan 10 2019 in Vienna:

Alyssa S.

Dec 21
2 x 2 Tickets for “MAMMA MIA!” – Das Musical:

Evelyn K.

Dec 22
1 x game “Monopoly Junior Banking” from Hasbo:

Georg H.

Dec 23
1 x 2 Tickets for Michael Patrick Kelly on Sept 4 2019 in Vienna:

Marharyta K.

Dec 24
1 x one week at Austria Vienna Soccer Camp:

Georg M.

2 Tickets for the current LEGO®-special exhibition THE ART OF THE BRICK©: DC SUPER HEROES at Stadthalle Vienna go to:

Rupert F.

PETER HASE™ Filmpackage go to:

Theresa M. from Haiming

Larissa S. from S.

„Wendy 2“ Goodiebag containg a fanbook, audio book, soundtrack, T-shirt and rucksack goes to:

Cornelia F. from W.

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