You can easily travel all year round within Austria. A seaside holiday by the lake, hiking in the mountains, exciting city breaks or skiing: there is always something to experience here! The provincial capital of Salzburg is particularly beautiful and easy to reach with Austrian Airlines. The best thing about the city is that all the sights are very close together and many museums offer guided tours for children. For example, there is an exciting tour through the cathedral quarter especially for children. Here, you will learn everything about the life there at that time, go on a search for the archbishop, practice the once customary greeting ceremony and much more. And you shouldn’t miss a visit to the birthplace of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at any cost! Salzburg is also called the “City of Mozart” because of him.

Blick auf Salzburg

You can get the drawing, creative and story book “Discover Salzburg – Leo the Lion shows you the city” from all the tourist information offices in the city. Another exciting way to discover the city and also take home a memory too!

The Berchtesgaden salt mine is not far from Salzburg. A great adventure deep in the earth awaits you here and it’s sure to be fun for your parents too. All visitors are given a special suit and then they take the mine train down to the salt tunnels. This is the name given to the areas where the miners mine the salt. By the way, salt is still mined here today.


If you want to go even deeper into the mine, you can either climb a staircase or take a miner’s slide down to a salt lake. There, you can take a ferry across the lake. Afterwards, the mine railway will take you safely back up again. The journey under the earth is an absolutely unique experience that you’ll also be able to tell your friends at home about!

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