What does a language trip give me?

Gruppe junger Leute

During a language course, you can forget about one thing above all: the fear of bad grades! Instead of academic pressure to perform, the focus is on goal-oriented learning in small groups. A maximum of 15, sometimes only up to 8, young people work together to improve their language skills – relaxed group atmosphere inclusive!

Junge Frau meldet sich im UnterrichtAfter class, you can go on excursions together and explore the host country. The language teacher, who is often an authentic native speaker and is able to teach pronunciation and expression in an expert way, also has a motivating effect here.

Questions in German? Nope! After all, at the end of your holiday, the foreign language should no longer seem so foreign to you and is best practiced through consistent use.

Junge Leute lernen gemeinsamAfter all, one of the cornerstones of these programs, in addition to receiving targeted instruction, is to put what you have learned into practice in everyday life. In concrete terms, for you this means using the language in supermarkets, restaurants, understanding street signs and mastering spontaneous conversational situations.
These experiences, which are associated with real emotions such as amazement or curiosity instead of boring textbooks, become better anchored in your memory. You’ll remember them especially well later.

But don’t worry, you won’t just be thinking non-stop about the language on a trip like this. It is also important and particularly valuable that you get an insight into another culture, recognize the differences compared with your own way of life and learn to accept and respect foreign customs and traditions.

Junge Leute sonnen sich Immersion in the language group also helps you to consciously appreciate your role in social groups and strengthen your self-confidence.

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