What is the Star Alliance Group?

Star Alliance

Aarav, 9 years, Linz

You are familiar with this, I am sure: You get a lot more done when you work together in a group, for example, when learning or doing homework. Some airlines came to the same conclusion and so in 1997 they launched the so-called Star Alliance. An alliance is a sort of confederation. The airline companies formed this alliance in order to create many advantages, both for themselves and for their passengers.

The first members included the largest and most well-known airlines from Canada, Thailand, Scandinavia, the USA and of course from Germany, including as such also Austrian Airlines.

Over the years, the group has continued to grow: At the moment, the Star Alliance has 27 members. Together the members have over 4,400 planes, which carry more than 618 million passengers to their destinations every year. That is seven times the number of people, who live in Germany!

Such an alliance has many advantages for the companies involved: For example, the joint cooperation enables the placement of collective orders for spare parts or for on board catering. As a result, the various airlines can obtain better prices.

This collaboration is a good thing for the passengers as well: For instance, passengers flying with the different airlines of the Star Alliance profit from the coordinated flight schedules. This means that the transfer times from one flight to another are as short as possible.
In addition, there are great deals for frequent flyers. Passengers can spend the waiting time at the airport in the lounges in peace and quiet. These are comfortably furnished areas, which depending on the respective fittings, are equipped with a television, magazines and more.

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